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Dayscape is a beautiful browser extension, that allows people to replace their boring Google homepage, and new tabs, with a search page featuring amazing local images, to help users discover (and appreciate) their own backyard.

We partner with some amazing local photographers to feature their work seen by all Dayscape users for an entire day.

This is a unique promotional channel. Dayscape users will see your image repeatedly and prominently whenever they open a new browser tab throughout their day. We attach marketing content to the image to direct users to your website and/or social media accounts.

If you're a photographer that is interesting in partnering with Dayscape email us at or reach out to us here.

Image Requirements

We're looking for the kind of images that people will see during their work day and dream about getting away. Images that people might think about hanging on their walls. A little escape from their day. Lifestyle, travel, and experience images are our primary targets but we're open to experimenting with other content.

Download the requirements document for all the details on the technical and marketing requirements.

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